Course Resources

This page is for general discussion about introducing philosophers or perspectives and how these relate to other more established philosophers and topics.

This is good place for links to papers you have used in particular courses, course reading lists, handouts, youtubes, podcasts, and anything else relevant to teaching.

Project Vox is a website that is very helpful for teachers who are updating their courses with reference to early modern philosophy.

Diversity Reading List in Philosophy is an excellent resource.

The OUP has a New Histories in Philosophy Series which is in the very early stages of development, with work on early modern women philosophers included in this project. The letters of Sophie de Grouchy, translated by Sabrine Berges, will be in this series.  Sophie de Gouchy is an immensely interesting philosopher who translated Adam Smith (into French) and critiqued his account of sympathy, developing her own, fuller account of sympathy as it relates to moral understanding.

Christia Mercer is writing a book on Anne Conway, which is also part of the New Histories Series.